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Design and create your own piece of furniture either on a piece of paper or using Paint. Make your piece of furniture unique and unusual, something that has not yet been invented or an improved version of a piece of furniture that is already available. Create a blurb to sell your piece of furniture. Remember to include: rhetorical questions, precise adjectives, relative clauses and second person. Make sure that you really sell your piece of furniture.

8 thoughts on “New furniture

  • do you what to have space for all yuor blongings?This is my loft bed with a desginer sofa and a luxurious , stylish mattres with sparkles built into the mattress .A room for reading, relaxing

  • This piece of furniture is a princesss bed. It is pretty in pink and is very accessorised, It is the best choice if you are looking for a bed. This luxurious option will make your frown turn upside down. This is especially perfect for those who are very girly. Also, this has a built in dressing table which will let you admire your beauty whenever you want.

  • Would you like to by this bunk bed with a curtain at the top and a slide at the side.If your kid doesn’t sleep then you should by this treasure.I’m sure your lovely child would love it.It also has curtains on the side of the bed so the light doesn’t get in their eyes.It’s marvellous.So will come and get this luxurious gold.

  • Do you want to save space in your bedroom? Do you want to have an unique piece of furniture? This Loft bed comes with an incredible ,brief space underneath the bed . The space comes with a beanbag with fluffy pilows. Addtionally, there is an opening and closing table, and to the far right there is two draws on the bottom of the bed.The memory foam will reassure you that you would want to go to bed a lot earlier. This bed can turn a house into a home!

  • Wouldn’t you like a luxurious loft bed with a slide,a underneath den with a window and curtains, a ladder with draws and of course a lovely comfortable bed ? this treasure,that is marvellously unique,can help you get the sleep you need so you can get up when you need to.

  • Do you want a nice girly wardrobe. Well this is the perfect thing for you this wardrobe is amazing you can keep your clothes in there and also this is a unique princess wardrobe for you. Because are u tired of having a white or black wardrobe and it is to normal for you. This wardrobe is good for you and you will have enough space for your room to play and do whatever you want so thats why you should buy this unique princess wardrobe.

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