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Silently, Sarah pressed the switch and took a deep breath. Colours filled the house as beams of light hit the coloured panes of glass. It was just as she has hoped for, just as she had imagined. Carefully, turned a full circle to take in the rainbow world she had designed and created. She knew it was going to become a special place for the people of this enormous city…….

As the sky grew darker, the house grew brighter. The spell was working. Sarah was glowing with excitement. Once the lightning struck everyone would finally know that she is as smart as Jenna the genius ,at school, or even smarter. Thunder roared with passion and  3….2….1…It worked! The clouds cleared away and sunshine filled the sky. Everyone was cheering and questioning how did Sarah manage to make this incredible invention. At last Sarah proved them wrong.   


By Naajidah

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