Sentence challenge 27.11.17

image of the day

Write two descriptive sentences about what is happening in this picture. Your first sentence has to include a subordinate clause positioned at the beginning of your sentence and your second sentence is not allowed to contain the letter ‘t’. Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Sentence challenge 27.11.17

  • As the day s we’re getting older the dusty wooden house started to collapsed but befor that cold happen the people derived the crane taworse the dusty house and picked up the house as they were doing that the storm got worse To be continued.

  • The house were burried 6 feet deep the crane connected to one of the tiles of the roof unexpectedly the tile stayed putt the house hovered in the air. The people had hult whilst the adult checked to see out the window she then saw a crane picking their house up she warned all the other people they was scared as the storm kicked up all the windows opened wide and all the stuff fell out as the lightning stuck the crane the crane broke and the house fell with alot of dust coming out what happened next?

    We was walking down the street, in Coronation Square, as we saw a old, ancient house.

    NO T’s:
    Long long ago, we saw an old-fashioned house owned by no one. We found a dinosaur bone hidden under-ground from 250 million years ago.

  • As the Earth crumbled beneath the ancient,battered house, it levitated like there was an enchanted spell cursed on it.

    Rosie’s house dangled in mid-air; everyone glared as her and her family were carried away.

    One day we were taking a stroll down down the street we saw a house,which was a wreck,and load of bats flew out of the house.

    NO T’s:
    Long ago me and my friend Georgia walked down Evans Way when we saw an old,raged house we found a lion skull so we had a good look.

  • 1. As the wind gathered all the crusty, crumpled leaves then re-scattered them across the muddy-puddled floor, the cracked walls of the house screeched in pain of the ferocious storms.

    2. As rain poured down heavily upon soldiers, spreading branches broadly across navy skys, using all possible wind dangling in mid air, House was half falling-soon House will break.

  • As the thunder crashed at the crunched up leaves, the enchanted house floated high in the sky as if a wicked witch had zapped it.

    Jane’s dangerous building has a mind of an animal.

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