Blogging task 03.01.18

Welcome back Magpie Class. I have left your blogging task for reading this week below. Choose one or more of the tasks to complete during your blogging slot in reading. Remember to read the instructions for what you have to do for each task. The instructions are under each different heading. If you choose to finish the story remember to make it interesting and do not rush the ending! Good luck!

Field of Flames

image of the day

Story starter!

It seemed like an impossible task. Keeping each lantern alight took focus and determination from the whole army of volunteers. Waves of orange and yellow danced in the gentle breeze as the sparkling sea of light took over the horizon. As far as the eye could see, flickering flames shone upon this special place. They were almost ready. It was almost time…

Sentence challenge!

‘sparkling sea’ and ‘flickering flames’ are examples of alliteration. Can you think of other alliterative sentences about this picture? Try adding some alliteration to these sentence starters:

The dark sky…

The people watched…

Sick sentences!

These sentences are sick and need your help to get better!

The people lit the lanterns. The lanterns were bright. The lanterns filled the sky with light.

Question time!

Why are the people lighting the lanterns?

Where are they?

Why are the flames described as ‘dancing’?


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