Blogging task 03.01.18

Welcome back Magpie Class. I have left your blogging task for reading this week below. Choose one or more of the tasks to complete during your blogging slot in reading. Remember to read the instructions for what you have to do for each task. The instructions are under each different heading. If you choose to finish the story remember to make it interesting and do not rush the ending! Good luck!

Field of Flames

image of the day

Story starter!

It seemed like an impossible task. Keeping each lantern alight took focus and determination from the whole army of volunteers. Waves of orange and yellow danced in the gentle breeze as the sparkling sea of light took over the horizon. As far as the eye could see, flickering flames shone upon this special place. They were almost ready. It was almost time…

Sentence challenge!

‘sparkling sea’ and ‘flickering flames’ are examples of alliteration. Can you think of other alliterative sentences about this picture? Try adding some alliteration to these sentence starters:

The dark sky…

The people watched…

Sick sentences!

These sentences are sick and need your help to get better!

The people lit the lanterns. The lanterns were bright. The lanterns filled the sky with light.

Question time!

Why are the people lighting the lanterns?

Where are they?

Why are the flames described as ‘dancing’?



The flaming red skin surrounding this eye closes in the vibrant tropical flecks, whilst luring in the prey. With its glossy jet-black pupil there is just no going back! As the textured scaly skin makes its way around the eye the poisonous dart frog accurately prepares to pounce upon its prey.


bye jasmita



My Dream to become when I am older

When I’m older I would like to be….

An actor because I love comedy and I like to act in front of an audience especially my family. Apart from that , I would like to become an actor because everytime I watch one of my favourite movies I always think of Dwayne Johnson or Will Smith because really loves their movies especially Baywatch and Bad Boys. Also I like the fact that being an actor is more than a paycheck or being recognized.   

The skills you’ll need to become an actor is…..

  • You need to have the ability to learn lines and to remember them like the back of your hand
  • You need to have the ability to have good stage , screen or vocal presence
  • You need to have the ability to enter into a character and engage with an audience
  • You need to have the ability to have incredible creative insight
  • You need to have the ability to having the confidence , energy and dedication to perform.

You need to have the ability to having the understanding of dramatic techniques

To be an actor I will need….

When i get older i want to be …

When i get older i want to be a cook because i like cooking .  I think i will need  the communication skill because i will need to speak to other people  and the cutting  skill because i will need to be able to cut food . Also i think to achieve this goal i will need to  finish secondary school and go to college or university and learn more about cooking.

Cardboard furniture competition

Today, Miss Garside judged our cardboard furniture. Every group produced an amazing piece of furniture and gave excellent sales pitches to sell their furniture. It was a tough decision but three winners were chosen. Congratulations to every group on your amazing furniture designs.

Here are some photos of children with their final designs set up for their sales pitches.

   .  .   .  

In third place was …

In second place was…

And in first place was…

Viral photo

Picture of the 'greatest music festival ever' is not what it appears to be

This photo has gone viral on the internet over the past couple of weeks, with people debating what the photo actually shows. What do you think this is a photo of?

Glitter debate

Some of nursery schools in Dorset have banned the use of glitter in their classrooms. They say that it causes “terrible damage” to the environment. When washed down the drain, glitter ends up in the water system and the food chain. It is thought that there are around 46,000 pieces of waste plastic in every square mile of the sea. Glitter is thought to be a tiny part of the problem. They are currently looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Do you think glitter should be banned?

Geography challenge

Can you guess the countries from my description. Comment your answers below.

  1. This country is in Europe. It is in the northern hemisphere and North of the equator. The Arctic Circle runs through the top third of it. It’s coast lies on the North sea. It is bordered by two countries that form part of Scandinavia.
  2. This country is an island. The whole continent of Europe can fit inside this country and there would still be room left. It is in the southern hemisphere and south of the equator. The Tropic of Capricorn runs through the centre of this country.  It’s coasts lie in either the Indian or Pacific Oceans. It is not bordered by any other country.

Can you leave a description about a country of your own below, using geographical language.

Sentence challenge 27.11.17

image of the day

Write two descriptive sentences about what is happening in this picture. Your first sentence has to include a subordinate clause positioned at the beginning of your sentence and your second sentence is not allowed to contain the letter ‘t’. Good luck!


Manor’s  5/6  entered  in  a  Minecraft  poem  competition  a  few  months  ago  and  we’ve  got  some  exciting  news  from  them…

From  our  school , 79  out  of  89  poems  have  been  selected  to  be  published  in  the  Young  Writers’  ‘Minecraft  poems  by  Berkshire’!  On  February  10,  people  out  of  20,000  entries  will  be  selected  to  win  an  I PAD.  We  are thrilled  and  proud  that  we  have  a  very  good  chance  of  winning.

unicorn’s great escape

A long time a go there is a unicorn toy that is alive. This unicorn has powers to freeze things and make things.The owner of this toy is very bad, because she always throws the toy and gets food all over the toy. The unicorn hated the owner she want to escape. But doesn’t know where to stay. The owners name is Jade and one day jade went to go shopping with her mum and dad, she left the unicorn toy at home. The unicorn thought this is the chance to escape. SO the unicorn went and  lived happily.

from urwa




One day there was a boy called James and he was a gamer and a YouTube he loved to to play Minecraft .Then one day whilst doing a YouTube video his toy came and said go do your home work but he did not want to so he did not then later his mum came and said do your homework and he said you told me that earlier and she said no i did not but so she said because you lied you are not allowed to play Minecraft until you do your homework . James was really really the end. 

Jordan s adventure

one sunny and normal day at Steve s house he always play s with his toy camel but Steve had to go to school so he put Jordan in his toy box and left when he left Jordan came out of the box and talked to his friend suddenly the window opened and Jordan flew out side and a man saw it and pict him up and brought him to his house Jordan tried to escape but the mans toy did not let him so at night he made a plan and escaped the house and went back home and lived happely ever after

Its all right (My Toy story)

“Hey Abe like my new car?” said Batman .The Lego figures admires Batman’s newly built car “Its really cool Batman” said Lincoln.All of a sudden he looked up “LOOK!” All of the figures looked up “AHH” their shocked to see Ryan enter the room “Hmmmm what figures should I trade in?” exlamed Ryan. Batman whispered “Its all right me and Lincoln will save the day!” All the figures follow them into the safety of Ryan’s closet “Why is he doing this” said Abraham “I don’t know… wait whats this hes deciding not to and building something instead” “Phew” that’s a releif .”                                                                   












my hachamels hafe diffrent colres  and siver wings the two there name are    sqirrel and rabbit also best frends like  playing   together  and they like sleeping near each over also  hafe same colres  which is  pink my sister  has her own one they  are ellefent   can fly also a zebra. they dont    hafe the same  colres one ifs pink which is mine and the over is  purple.

The storm and the 3 mermaids

Deep deep down in the ocean lived 3 mermaids called Hanna, Kim, and Daisy they all lived  in a very big rock pool. They all loved being mermaids in there lovely rock pool but one day there was a storm the storm was so bad it ruiend the rock pool all the rock cave in. The mermaids come home and saw that there home was destroyed but before they even startered to cry Kim got out her bracelet and said sha-bam! and before they new it the rock pool when back to it usual self and they where all happy.



Toy stories. The race!

One day in toy-land,it was race day Chelsea was dazzled.She has many trophies big,small,wide,thin no matter what she adored her magnificent trophies.In a matter of time it was race time,Chelsea wasn’t so alert, She was very determined to win. “On your marks…Get set GO! “OH NO!” Chelsea’s car broke down it didn’t move a inch.,as fast as lightning she swiped out her wand “vwalllaaa” it was fixed, soon she was back in the race “YES” she yelled she won ! “well done” bellowed the crowd she admired her trophy it was gorgeous.

My Toy story

There was a robot named Robt he was made in a cave underground.His favourite   food batteries . He liked when his owner would upgrade him Robt once had a new upgrade it was a running upgrade he used it and tripped the hole in the floor went very deep Robt was lost . His owner went looking for Robt and Robt tried  climbing out but he couldn’t get up.Robt remembered  an upgrade his owner gave him it was a drill.It wasn’t too powerful  but helped him get up  and found his owner YAY!!! 

My 100 word story

I have a teddy . His name is Max . He is white and has black patches . Him and his friends live on the shelf . one day i went to school and max and his friends decided to explore his garden . so they all jumped of the shelf and waked though the dogs door.I came home from school and looked for them every where . But i finally found my teddy s in the bush in my garden .(I wonder how they got there. ) But one of the teddy s got left in the bush …

By Livia

Princess Polly

Katy and her family just arrived from their holiday in England. Katy was devastated because she had left her most beloved doll, Princess Polly, in England at her Mum’s friend’s house.

For the rest of the week, Katy was extremely upset. All she would do is weep and she was especially upset because her birthday was coming up.

The big day came but Katy was still upset. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Curiously, she opened the door and she found a parcel and opened it, and there was Princess Poppy smiling back at the overjoyed birthday girl! 

The day it all came to place! (my 100 word mini saga)

“Lucy, the coast is clear, you may put your makeup on now.2 Princess two whispered, “Princess, stay alert, only a few more seconds to go.” With the victim asleep, this will be the right time to attack, Bang! One of the lights had turned on. Suddenly, all the lights turned on row by row. The royal highness herself had walked into the room. A posh voice could be heared , “who dares enter my palace?” Your majesty had not been wearing her contact lenses which mean her vision was blurry. With an inch gap of survival, the gang was in thoughts…

My toy story called Running Toys

Long ago there lived a littlest pet shop called Strawberry.I was playing with her when she ran away…I looked and looked but I could not find her.A day later,I got back from school and played with all my littlest pet shops (LPS’) and looked for her and couldn’t find her.In the morning I went to school,once I got home there Strawberry was lying on the floor.I was so pleased to see her I grabbed her without hesitating and started playing.That was when when I never tried to lose her again.

The tale of Boatie the sail boat.

” Mummy can you tell me a story?”

” Of course its about a courageous boat, Boatie. She was my mothers wooden toy. One day my mum was enjoying a trip at the beach, imagining Boatie sailing all seas, building sandcastles and collecting shells. When all of a sudden a huge wave pulled the toy out into the ocean! Boatie had an incredible adventure. She saw dolphins playing, turtles floating, rays almost flying, humpback whales breathing oh and I can’t forget the sea horses dancing. Its a never ending venture but from this day onward’s Boatie is still riding the magical waves…

By Rayann

On Christmas Eve

On a cold Christmas Eve , Toms toys were piled underneath the Christmas Tree. Suddenly, a rumbling noise came from window ,  Santa Clause rushed through the living room finding the Christmas tree . In a hurry he tossed the presents underneath the tree and grabbed a few toys then shifted up the chimney. Ozzy the robot  realised he was in the North Pole and didn’t have much time left he hopped onto a sleigh and waited till the he could find his home . Ozzy grabbed all the toys , jumped , landed in the chimney ran to the Christmas Tree and waited for Christmas.

This is why you should never run away!

Not too long ago, in a dark hidden box was 101 shopkins waiting to be played with, but no that never happened so one night, they escaped and ran into the forbidden woods that no one dares to go in. They crossed a river, broken trees and even a fox. They came to a dead end and the fox was behind them. “Don’t panic everyone”! said Coco Cookie (the leader). “We’ll make it”. They helped each other up the log and they made it alive by climbing down a whole near the log. Till this day, there still hidden alive!

Barbie’s story- in a hundred words.

“I’ve  got  it,”  whispered  penguin,  handing  me  the  soapy  cloth. 

“And  the  rope?”  I  asked,  wiping  the  blue  and  purple  lipstick  off  my  plastic  face.  “Yup  all  clear,  Barbie,”  he  said  showing  me a worn-out,  moth-eaten  rope.  So  up  we  climbed  to  the  top  of  the  oak  shelf  and  then  I  saw  it.  The  picture  taken  of  my  first  time  I  met  her.  Ava  was  happy holding  me;  her  barbie-doll.  I  was  missing  her  already- But  Sophia  urgently  needed  me.  Suddenly,  a  blindingly  bright  light  shone  straight into  our  faces!  They’d  found  us!  What  were  we  going  to  do  now!?…

My teddy and Me

Mum mum, my teddy has gone, I looked everywhere!! But I found him in the computer!’ Dont be silly ‘ replied mum. But there he was on my screen flying through the sky, collecting coins swirling his tail through the white squishy marshmallow clouds. Jumping all over the mini beast with a splat, breathing fire like a magical dragon. I could control him, I made him jump high into the sky, run faster than me!! I could make him win, we were a great team. All of a sudden daylight broke and teddy was tucked up in my bed. oh dreaming.  

100 word story by Vinnie .

Once upon a time there was a small toy known as Noob . Every day he would get would get bullied by the pros , but on march 18th , there was no one around .                         He journeyed on to find some answers . Later on , he is joined by shedletsky  . Noob finds out that john doe is toy working with the humans , so Noob  decides to defeat John! ”HA ! you will never defeat me ! ” declared john . But as soon as he said that , Noob unleashed a mighty blow with the ban hammer and Noob freed the other toys and became an admin , just like shed shedletsky .


The Lost Toy’s

Once apon a time there lived a handsome  man and a buetiful  women .There owner left the computer on and the toys jumped onto the glass table and got sucked up from the computer…


There was lots like  of games  like candy crush  and other games . One of them wanted to go to candy crush  and the other wanted to go to Animal rescure they went there seprate ways. They were both LOST!!


The End!

My chair

Harriot keates ,a one year old girl, loves to draw and colour .this chair is for baby,toddler and small children this chair is for children from one to seven year old’s. Harriot , who also loves to watch pappa pig , can sit on the chair and enjoy watching tv .The chair come in a variety of coluors pink, perpal, green and blue.This chair is very stable and also very lite so can be carried eney where .This chair look grate in a play room ,school,,nersary  ,bed room and house.

Ela’s chair desciption

now let me tell you why i desinded this product. Now this is Josh ,who he works in a office but his chair is not that comfortable, so this chair would be perfect for him the fabric is propaly the softest in the world and if you are tiard you can just lean back and relaxe . And if you want to go up or down you just pull the lever and you go up or down and it even has a arm reast so you can relaxe your arms so if you werk in a school or office this chair is for you.

My chair

Zoe is a 4 year old.When she comes back from school she loves to sit down on her stable ,comfortable and amazing blue chair and draw .This chair ,that is for toddlers, is perfect for drawing , doing homework and more.You can keep it in a play room ,a bedroom or a living room.Its very easy to put away because it is small.


Dylan’s office chair

Tommy, an average office worker who has an annoying  boss. Wishes he can have a comfy chair. This chair is made out of the finest leather which is padded twice, so it is softer than a usual chair. This can go back but not too much so you don’t fall asleep. So this chair will make Tommy’s stress level turn down.

English work

Fred,who is a chair sales men,who likes to sit on chairs . he needs to have a comfy chair that can move around this chair can straighten your back with its back support and this chair is suitable for 5 years.












Reema’s throne description

Princess Lucy, who is a royal choice maker, is very responsible. She comes back from a long day of buying lip kits and contour palettes, looking forward to sitting on her 100% cotton throne. This throne is made out of one of the softest materials made in the UK. This will be the perfect choice for someone part of the royal family. Also, this is made out of four layers of cotton which means it means it will be very comfy no matter how old or young.

This is why i created this chair

A hard working girl, Kayla Rose, is only 26 years old and works in a managers office. She loves to help people when they are new or when they are stuck. She works at a travel office so when people want to go on holiday, she books it for them. This chair is perfect for people like Kayla as you can get from one side of the room to the other side by wheeling them self around. This incredible, wheely chair, which has its own new feature, is perfect to relax in. This fabulous, beige chair is now mainly recommended for any managers, since before it was only recommended for normal office people. She works for 11 hours a day so this chair is a yes to her with the not one, not two, but three layers of soft sponge to help her back stay straight. 

my character

An enthusiastic historian,Jim-Bob loves working and researching but can sometimes be stressful because of the creaky,wooden chairs! But with this new    luxurious beige chair with an agustible height,fit for all you office needs.This will reduce your stress level to 1%.

My Character Profile

This is why I chose to make this chair….

Princess Rosilina ,a loving, caring princess, spends most of her time on her old, worn out throne so she was thrilled when she found out she had a new deluxe yet beautiful chair. This diamond encrusted throne was hand crafted by UK’s number 1 gold carver, Senior Sebastian. It is also perfect for important meetings as it is beneficial by being padded well with three layers of the finest velvet possible. I will guarantee that you will never think about returning this chair again.

Jasmita’s character profile

 Winter, the 22 year old princess, spends 90% of  her time in her exquisite throne. Well I don’t blame her, as with red velvet and encrusted diamond and gold, you just can’t say no! As well as being useful, this chair is padded with not 2, not 3, but 4 layers of soft cushion to protect the user from back aches. Its de luxe and plush gold and red represents royalty, this is beneficial as it makes Winter look posh and rich.

I hope you enjoyed my character profile. 

Character Profile

This why i designed my chair,

Summer Rose, a normal office worker, was looking for a comfortable chair to use in her office. She was looking for a chair that would adjust, move and still be relaxing at the same time. With a life time warranty, this velvety chair will make your day less stressful and nights more restful. This chair is very homely wand will reassure you that buying this chair wouldn’t be a regret.

This is all about my chair

Lindsey Evans,a 25 year year old boss,likes coming to work after a long drive and relax.This chair that is perfect for offices,is wheat coloured and is very comfortable.This chair has incredible back support,for if you have a bad back.It has three layers of padding.I guarantee this is the perfect chair for you. 

Furniture character profile description !

Lupin the 1st , who is a lord and warrior , likes to enter battle 5 Hours each day . When he returns to the kingdom , the only thing he wants to do is sit down and relax . He is 46 so  that makes him tired as well . This luxury  throne comes with extra-soft pillows for more comfort .Even though Lupin is gone for 89 percent of the day , the softness stays the same way it is . 

Alannah chair desciption

Let me tell you about my chair…

Kirsty ,who likes to colure ,usually lays on the floor drawing but with this chair she can sit by the table and colure better.It isa baby blue also it’s an average toddler size.It is portabal.After a long  day at school ,i know every child will want to have a delightful evening of drawing and playing.

by Alannah   

English work

This chair was designed for King Shane. King Shane, who likes to walk around the kingdom for 2 at least 2 hours  when hes done, goes to his golden,shining throne with coloured gems planted in. The stylish, red comfortable layers feel like pillows,The gold isn’t heavy and not hard so you can rest your arms. The royal family all have a throne of their own and they love it! The throne is for the rich or royal and is unique and stylish.

My character profile

This is why i designed this chair…

Ariana, a loyal princess, enjoys relaxing as well as looking good. Perfect for royalty, this diamond throne fits wonderfully in a palace. Every queen,king, princess or prince will suit this velvety chair. Padded and very comfortable, everyone will not want to leave this throne, as it will relive muscle ache with its three silk cushions. 

By Rayann

Blogging task 20.11.17

resource image

Story starter!

The books had minds of their own.

This was no ordinary library.

Books about knights and castles would gallop all over the library, bravely and boldly ordering the other books around. The books about thieves would sneak around, lurking behind bookshelves in the shadows. Books about wild animals would occasionally roar and bite other books. The ones containing stories set in the winter would often shiver, covering their neighbours with snow and frost.

Lucy loved this place like no other. Reading was the most exciting thing in the world here: everything she read seemed to come alive out of the pages…

Question time!

Why do you think the little girl enjoys being in this library so much?

What book do you think she is reading?

Can you tell anything about a person by the types of books they read?

If you could write a book, what would it be about?

Which type of books would you like/not like to come alive?

If you were to take out every single book from a library would it still be a library?

Subordinate clauses

Write sentences using subordinate clauses for these chairs. Consider who the chair would be for, their likes/dislikes. their job, why this chair is suitable for them and possibly their age. Remember to think about the position of your clause in your sentences.

Image result for chair  Image result for chairImage result for chairImage result for chair

Christmas Production songs and lyrics

I’ve attached the backing tracks and lyrics to the songs for the Christmas Production so that you can have a go at singing them at home. Enjoy

Lyrics for blog

Shape of you

Look what you made me do

What’s my name

Magpie Class mix

One Jump Ahead


2799 – blogging task 06.11.17

The year is 2799. Toxic fumes smother the planet. The survivors of The Great Toxic War congregate in the fields of Elysium, considering the future of mankind.

Question time!

Who are the people in the picture?

What are they wearing on their heads?

What do you think the Earth will be like in 2799?

What do you think schools will be like in the future?

What do you think has happened to the Earth?

Times tables


Here are a couple of links of websites that have games where you can practice your times tables!


Most people have and use mobile phones in 2017. They are used for multiple functions such as, calculators, clocks, alarms, cameras, the internet and much more. Do you think children should be allowed to use mobile phones in class? Debate below in the comments and give sensible justifications for your answers (if you say yes they should be allowed, tell me why and how it would help them with their learning!).

Comparing Fractions

1/3 < 7/8                                 1/2 > 2/6

1/6 < 3/4                                  3/4 > 2/6

3/8 < 2/4                                 1/3 = 1/3

4/5 < 4/8                                 2/3 > 2/4

1/4 < 1/2                                  1/6 < 3/4

1/6 < 4/5                                  5/8 > 4/8

1/3 < 2/3                                   3/5 > 1/2

What I done over the Half Term

Over the half term I went to holiday club and then after that  I went out with me friends. But some days  I went out to see family and do some homework. This is one of the thing I done with my family, I went to my cousins house on Saturday for a Halloween party. So that’s basically what I done  over the week what’s yours?

The eye

Question time!

To what creature do you think the eye belongs?

Is the creature dangerous?

Where do you think it lives?

What might it be looking at?

What do you think it eats?

Story starter- message in a bottle

He looked back at the scene behind him. He just couldn’t believe what had happened! How could it ever have come to this?
He clutched the cold bottle in his fingertips, ready to launch it into the waves. The message rolled up inside it was his last chance. Hopefully the current would take it far away from this place. This place where all his dreams lay in ruins.
He prayed someone would find it. He prayed someone would come before it was too late…#

Then he saw the fresh, salty waves overlap the golden sand. Holding his breath in hope, he walked closer towards the wishy-washy sound of the ocean. Feeling the burning sand against his bare feet he finally felt the freezing water. Legs trembling, he let his hand loose watching the bottle slowly drift away into the thick, foamy, opaque waters of the pacific sea….

Curious Number

Curious Number



Can you order the digits 1, 2 and 3 to make a number which is divisible by 3?
And when the final digit is removed again it becomes a two-digit number divisible by 2,
then finally a one-digit number divisible by 1?

Can you order the digits 1, 2, 3 and 4 to make a number which is divisible by 4?
And when the final digit is removed it becomes a three-digit number which is divisible by 3.
And when the final digit is removed again it becomes a two-digit number divisible by 2,
then finally a one-digit number divisible by 1?

Can you order the digits 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to make a number which is divisible by 5?
And when the final digit is removed it becomes a four-digit number which is divisible by 4.
And when the final digit is removed it becomes a three-digit number which is divisible by 3.
And when the final digit is removed again it becomes a two-digit number divisible by 2,
then finally a one-digit number divisible by 1?

What systems are you using?
What do you know about numbers which can be divided by 3, 4, 5?
Now what about taking this further for digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6?
What do you know about numbers which can be divided by 6, 7, 8 and 9?

A message in a bottle

Finish the story below in the comments. Remember to capture the reader’s attention by using suspense, descriptive language and grammatical features that you have learnt in English.

Story starter!

He looked back at the scene behind him. He just couldn’t believe what had happened! How could it ever have come to this?

He clutched the cold bottle in his fingertips, ready to launch it into the waves. The message rolled up inside it was his last chance. Hopefully the current would take it far away from this place. This place where all his dreams lay in ruins.

He prayed someone would find it. He prayed someone would come before it was too late…

Brain teaser time!!

Can you solve the brain teaser below? Comment your answers below.
Seven friends each has a home aquarium and each aquarium contains
a different number of tropical fish. Bill has four times as many fish as Angela,
who has three times as many fish as Carol, who has ten fewer fish than
Colin, who has a third as many fish as Jenny, who has twice as many fish
as Jamie who has twice as many fish as Brian. How many fish has each
person got if the total number of fish is 107?

My name in different languages and definition

The definition to my name is:

The name Georgia is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Georgia is: A feminine form of the Greek George, meaning tiller of the soil, or farmer. Famous bearer: the American state of Georgia, named after British King George II.







HOMEWORK: What Do I Want To Be When I’m Older?

When I am older I wanna be a strong and well-educated doctor as they have a chance to save peoples lives. I will be happy being any type as you need all different types. I want to be a doctor because I think the world needs more female doctors and I will persuade some places to have free health so it will be easier for people to go to hospital or surgeries etc. without having to worry about money.
If I am not able to become a doctor than I will hopefully become a teacher because I think education is very important and everyone should have a chance to go to school no matter what religion or colour they are.

Slakey Minecraft

Once i played Minecraft

When i was just eight

I tried to kill a creeper

But it was just to late

I tried and i tried 

But the cows were in the way

And the creeper was a block of green shade

I traveld towards the Nether

It was beutiful like treasure

I started to feel crule 

But my friends thought i rule

Mojang had a beard

But i thought he was weird 

because he wasent very clear

But i was just in fear.   

My Minecraft world

Green as grass

Slimey as jelly

Creepers are very smelly

AS evil as a devil

Sticky like honey

They are scary not very funny


Potion emotion

The ocean is a potion

potion make lotion


Block are like rock’s

I now stay in a box’s

Because of the rock’s                                           BY GRACE

Livia’s poem

Minecraft is a game

I played it with a  friend

Minecraft was all squared as a cube

I thought it was really cool

So i downloaded it to

I built a farm and pool

At night it was terrible

There were mob’s and creeper’s to

That were green and so smelly

And are a bit hairy

There as wigely as jelly

They are scary monster’s !

Everything was a cube.

My Minecraft World!

I love this game,
Although it’s addictive,
It’s definitely not lame,

Let me tell you a little bit about it…
The square sky cried,
And the mooshroom cow lied,
The chicken died
And the horse took a ride.

Then it took a million years,
I was full of fears,
But then I did it,
The TNT was a firework on the ground,
It made a thunderous sound.

Did you know…..?
The horse came back,
The mooshroom was in a sack,
The chicken lied,
He wasn’t really dead,
But the sky still cried,
Because he thought the chicken was in bed!


Minecraft is a game,

But that doesn’t mean I’m lame,

Steve looks like a block

Minecraft ,

 Makes me sleepy,

Only when I’m weepy 

The red lava is a death pool,


Minecraft run’s my days,

It shouts at me when I lay,

In my Minecraft bed

My Minecraft Day!

Fighting like a dragon in the night

Makes me feel to delight

And shine bright in the light


The sword is in action

This makes a wonderful reaction

When it slices of their heads

I can finally go back to bed


The sky cried

And the lightning struck

When the zombies killed

I felt like I’ve been hit by a truck

Wondering and Wondering all day long,

Has made my dog into a log


The mobs are a death- trap,

They are very hard to find on the map

The chest groaned when i put my stuff in it,

When i take my stuff out of it, I’m ready to be hit!


Minecraft poem

Building  with  brick’s all  day

making  house’s

the brick is blue  like the sea

the  house is  beautiful  to me.

Zombies are creepy

and they are freaky

I don’t want to see zombies

but they want to see me.

minecraft is a game

I played with my mate

I loved it when i played.


bye URWA

My poem for Rhymecraft

Minecraft is a game

Minecraft is a game i play,

I hope that tomorrow is a better day,

No one wants the square sky to cry,

Everyone had a chance to  die,

Characters are a picture,

Rhymecraft is a competition,

All of the people know that Minecraft is cool,

Forever they think about adding a pool,

Thinking that Minecraft is like family to Rhymecraft.

My Poem (Creepers are weird)

Creepers are weird,

Regeneration gets you into  gear ,

Enderman are as black as night ,

Even though I don’t see them loads ,

Playing the game gets me on the go,

Endermans  also get me on a go,

Rhyme craft is the best,

Sometimes the Enderdragon is a pest!!!!

My poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M incraft is cool

I f you don’t play it your a fool

N ever will i ever

E ed up at the Nether

C ried in the night

R emember i’m in a nightmare

A nd I made it through the night

F or all of your delight

T hen i played  Minecraft again

My poem!

Minecraft is a game

Its not that lame

Nether is a place

Enchanted by a face

Cringey like a creeper

Remember its not a good sleeper

And its a sky scraper

Found some lava

Then spawned a llama

My scary story…….

There was no time for shoes……
My sister was crying her eyes out, she misses home, and so do I. But there’s nothing we can do. Blood was trickling down our feet in the depths of the abandoned forest, in the middle of the night. Other than the wolf howling and an owl chirping, all that could be heard was the sound of the twigs breaking under our bare bleeding feet.
It’s almost sunrise, Emily, my sister, is falling asleep on me. I found a shady place under a colossal tree to take a rest, we were tired of walking and running. I found a little bush that was covered in blackberries and I picked a few off and collected them on a leaf. We ate the berries and soon we were both fast asleep cuddling against each other. That’s when I heard it. The sound of the beast, and no-one knew what it was but I had a feeling were going to find out soon…….

Wacky Minecraft (Poem)

Minecraft is wierd,

Mojang has a beard.

Herobrine’s house is tacky,

Some people say its wacky.

When i play Minecraft my friends say its lame,

Some people say its just a game.


Steve is a player,

He has no more than a layer.

The Ender Dragon is lazy,

Sometimes she goes crazy.

The sea is where you can drown,

Alot of times it gets you down.


The nether is scary,

It can make you weary.

Its like a pit of fire in the earth,

It was made on the date of your birth.

The lava is hot,

It will burn you until your bones rot.

building a house poem

Bricks , they are tougher than sticks.

As red as a rose .

And bigger than your nose , so when you build a house ,

Bricks are the way to go !


Foundation , its not a reincarnation .

it holds the decoration .

Also its where the house is .

and its where no mouse will go , not for a million years !


Glass ,as clear as a class .

It keeps the mobs visible .

Rather than invisible .

And the glass is a shield ,

Also a pair of shades.

by : Vinnie

My Life

Diging in the dusk which is like a maze,

Mine through the night,

Keep a far watch,

Creepers are in sight.


Find a smile of ender,

A sneeky sound in the Nether,

Mooshroom covered cow mob,

Dropping beef or leather


Creepers! Creepers!

Don’t come this way,

Build yourself a fortress,

I know i’m your prey.

Evil mobs

Skeletons are cool

They shoot people like you

They burn in the sun to.


Creepers are a monster

 And they lived in a dumpster

He had  a head as green as grass

And I would pass.


Enderman are cool

They pick up blocks for you

They teleport to.


By Alannah