Jasmita’s character profile

 Winter, the 22 year old princess, spends 90% of  her time in her exquisite throne. Well I don’t blame her, as with red velvet and encrusted diamond and gold, you just can’t say no! As well as being useful, this chair is padded with not 2, not 3, but 4 layers of soft cushion to protect the user from back aches. Its de luxe and plush gold and red represents royalty, this is beneficial as it makes Winter look posh and rich.

I hope you enjoyed my character profile. 

Jasmita’s furniture project

You must buy this de luxe , French style bed as it is clearly our best seller and on offer for only £200.01. Wouldn’t you love a new, incredibly soft bed that is sure to give your room the unique touch it needs? Well this the right one for you, as this plush bed will transform your room from ok to FABULOUS . As well as being the place you will wake up from after an amazing beauty sleep, it will be the place you will look forward to going to after a long, hard day at work. With a expensive looking duvet, and an extremely comfortable memory-foam mattress its impossible to say No!


By Jasmita