The Lost Toy’s

Once apon a time there lived a handsome  man and a buetiful  women .There owner left the computer on and the toys jumped onto the glass table and got sucked up from the computer…


There was lots like  of games  like candy crush  and other games . One of them wanted to go to candy crush  and the other wanted to go to Animal rescure they went there seprate ways. They were both LOST!!


The End!

Alannah chair desciption

Let me tell you about my chair…

Kirsty ,who likes to colure ,usually lays on the floor drawing but with this chair she can sit by the table and colure better.It isa baby blue also it’s an average toddler size.It is portabal.After a long  day at school ,i know every child will want to have a delightful evening of drawing and playing.

by Alannah