Glitter debate

Some of nursery schools in Dorset have banned the use of glitter in their classrooms. They say that it causes “terrible damage” to the environment. When washed down the drain, glitter ends up in the water system and the food chain. It is thought that there are around 46,000 pieces of waste plastic in every square mile of the sea. Glitter is thought to be a tiny part of the problem. They are currently looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Do you think glitter should be banned?


Most people have and use mobile phones in 2017. They are used for multiple functions such as, calculators, clocks, alarms, cameras, the internet and much more. Do you think children should be allowed to use mobile phones in class? Debate below in the comments and give sensible justifications for your answers (if you say yes they should be allowed, tell me why and how it would help them with their learning!).