My chair

Harriot keates ,a one year old girl, loves to draw and colour .this chair is for baby,toddler and small children this chair is for children from one to seven year old’s. Harriot , who also loves to watch pappa pig , can sit on the chair and enjoy watching tv .The chair come in a variety of coluors pink, perpal, green and blue.This chair is very stable and also very lite so can be carried eney where .This chair look grate in a play room ,school,,nersary  ,bed room and house.

My Minecraft world

Green as grass

Slimey as jelly

Creepers are very smelly

AS evil as a devil

Sticky like honey

They are scary not very funny


Potion emotion

The ocean is a potion

potion make lotion


Block are like rock’s

I now stay in a box’s

Because of the rock’s                                           BY GRACE