HOMEWORK: What Do I Want To Be When I’m Older?

When I am older I wanna be a strong and well-educated doctor as they have a chance to save peoples lives. I will be happy being any type as you need all different types. I want to be a doctor because I think the world needs more female doctors and I will persuade some places to have free health so it will be easier for people to go to hospital or surgeries etc. without having to worry about money.
If I am not able to become a doctor than I will hopefully become a teacher because I think education is very important and everyone should have a chance to go to school no matter what religion or colour they are.

What I would like to be when I’m older.

 When I am older I would like to be a …

I would love to be a zoo keeper when I’m older because it would be fun to look after animals and maybe do shows with them.

To do this you would need to be very careful and brave. If you did want to do a show with them then you would need to have patience since it takes time to teach them and for them to understand. Me and my friend (Jorja) planned to do this together in year 4 we’re now in year 6 and we’re still saying that we want to do it.

If we did end up doing this when we’re older then we would probably need to go to college or even university if we wanted to know even more about this.

If I didn’t end up doing this job when I’m older, then I would want to be a vet. I thought that this would be a good idea because I think that it would be nice to help other animals get better. I even have a few pets and I wouldn’t like them to not get better so I think that it’s then fair.

So that is what I want to be when I’m older. Continue reading