On Christmas Eve

On a cold Christmas Eve , Toms toys were piled underneath the Christmas Tree. Suddenly, a rumbling noise came from window ,  Santa Clause rushed through the living room finding the Christmas tree . In a hurry he tossed the presents underneath the tree and grabbed a few toys then shifted up the chimney. Ozzy the robot  realised he was in the North Pole and didn’t have much time left he hopped onto a sleigh and waited till the he could find his home . Ozzy grabbed all the toys , jumped , landed in the chimney ran to the Christmas Tree and waited for Christmas.

Character Profile

This why i designed my chair,

Summer Rose, a normal office worker, was looking for a comfortable chair to use in her office. She was looking for a chair that would adjust, move and still be relaxing at the same time. With a life time warranty, this velvety chair will make your day less stressful and nights more restful. This chair is very homely wand will reassure you that buying this chair wouldn’t be a regret.

My Minecraft Day!

Fighting like a dragon in the night

Makes me feel to delight

And shine bright in the light


The sword is in action

This makes a wonderful reaction

When it slices of their heads

I can finally go back to bed


The sky cried

And the lightning struck

When the zombies killed

I felt like I’ve been hit by a truck

Wondering and Wondering all day long,

Has made my dog into a log


The mobs are a death- trap,

They are very hard to find on the map

The chest groaned when i put my stuff in it,

When i take my stuff out of it, I’m ready to be hit!