My 100 word story

I have a teddy . His name is Max . He is white and has black patches . Him and his friends live on the shelf . one day i went to school and max and his friends decided to explore his garden . so they all jumped of the shelf and waked though the dogs door.I came home from school and looked for them every where . But i finally found my teddy s in the bush in my garden .(I wonder how they got there. ) But one of the teddy s got left in the bush …

By Livia

My chair

Zoe is a 4 year old.When she comes back from school she loves to sit down on her stable ,comfortable and amazing blue chair and draw .This chair ,that is for toddlers, is perfect for drawing , doing homework and more.You can keep it in a play room ,a bedroom or a living room.Its very easy to put away because it is small.


Livia’s poem

Minecraft is a game

I played it with a  friend

Minecraft was all squared as a cube

I thought it was really cool

So i downloaded it to

I built a farm and pool

At night it was terrible

There were mob’s and creeper’s to

That were green and so smelly

And are a bit hairy

There as wigely as jelly

They are scary monster’s !

Everything was a cube.