Manor’s  5/6  entered  in  a  Minecraft  poem  competition  a  few  months  ago  and  we’ve  got  some  exciting  news  from  them…

From  our  school , 79  out  of  89  poems  have  been  selected  to  be  published  in  the  Young  Writers’  ‘Minecraft  poems  by  Berkshire’!  On  February  10,  people  out  of  20,000  entries  will  be  selected  to  win  an  I PAD.  We  are thrilled  and  proud  that  we  have  a  very  good  chance  of  winning.

My Minecraft Day!

Fighting like a dragon in the night

Makes me feel to delight

And shine bright in the light


The sword is in action

This makes a wonderful reaction

When it slices of their heads

I can finally go back to bed


The sky cried

And the lightning struck

When the zombies killed

I felt like I’ve been hit by a truck

Wondering and Wondering all day long,

Has made my dog into a log


The mobs are a death- trap,

They are very hard to find on the map

The chest groaned when i put my stuff in it,

When i take my stuff out of it, I’m ready to be hit!


My poem!

Minecraft is a game

Its not that lame

Nether is a place

Enchanted by a face

Cringey like a creeper

Remember its not a good sleeper

And its a sky scraper

Found some lava

Then spawned a llama

English challenge

Create your own Minecraft setting and character on Paint. Once I have posted it, write a detailed description of the setting and character in the comments of your picture. Remember do not use the words nice, good, bad, sad, happy – use a thesaurus to find more precise adjectives! The best setting and character will win a prize!!