Manor’s  5/6  entered  in  a  Minecraft  poem  competition  a  few  months  ago  and  we’ve  got  some  exciting  news  from  them…

From  our  school , 79  out  of  89  poems  have  been  selected  to  be  published  in  the  Young  Writers’  ‘Minecraft  poems  by  Berkshire’!  On  February  10,  people  out  of  20,000  entries  will  be  selected  to  win  an  I PAD.  We  are thrilled  and  proud  that  we  have  a  very  good  chance  of  winning.

Princess Polly

Katy and her family just arrived from their holiday in England. Katy was devastated because she had left her most beloved doll, Princess Polly, in England at her Mum’s friend’s house.

For the rest of the week, Katy was extremely upset. All she would do is weep and she was especially upset because her birthday was coming up.

The big day came but Katy was still upset. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Curiously, she opened the door and she found a parcel and opened it, and there was Princess Poppy smiling back at the overjoyed birthday girl! 

My Character Profile

This is why I chose to make this chair….

Princess Rosilina ,a loving, caring princess, spends most of her time on her old, worn out throne so she was thrilled when she found out she had a new deluxe yet beautiful chair. This diamond encrusted throne was hand crafted by UK’s number 1 gold carver, Senior Sebastian. It is also perfect for important meetings as it is beneficial by being padded well with three layers of the finest velvet possible. I will guarantee that you will never think about returning this chair again.

HOMEWORK: What Do I Want To Be When I’m Older?

When I am older I wanna be a strong and well-educated doctor as they have a chance to save peoples lives. I will be happy being any type as you need all different types. I want to be a doctor because I think the world needs more female doctors and I will persuade some places to have free health so it will be easier for people to go to hospital or surgeries etc. without having to worry about money.
If I am not able to become a doctor than I will hopefully become a teacher because I think education is very important and everyone should have a chance to go to school no matter what religion or colour they are.

My Minecraft World!

I love this game,
Although it’s addictive,
It’s definitely not lame,

Let me tell you a little bit about it…
The square sky cried,
And the mooshroom cow lied,
The chicken died
And the horse took a ride.

Then it took a million years,
I was full of fears,
But then I did it,
The TNT was a firework on the ground,
It made a thunderous sound.

Did you know…..?
The horse came back,
The mooshroom was in a sack,
The chicken lied,
He wasn’t really dead,
But the sky still cried,
Because he thought the chicken was in bed!

My scary story…….

There was no time for shoes……
My sister was crying her eyes out, she misses home, and so do I. But there’s nothing we can do. Blood was trickling down our feet in the depths of the abandoned forest, in the middle of the night. Other than the wolf howling and an owl chirping, all that could be heard was the sound of the twigs breaking under our bare bleeding feet.
It’s almost sunrise, Emily, my sister, is falling asleep on me. I found a shady place under a colossal tree to take a rest, we were tired of walking and running. I found a little bush that was covered in blackberries and I picked a few off and collected them on a leaf. We ate the berries and soon we were both fast asleep cuddling against each other. That’s when I heard it. The sound of the beast, and no-one knew what it was but I had a feeling were going to find out soon…….

blogging challenge…

Silently, Sarah pressed the switch and took a deep breath. Colours filled the house as beams of light hit the coloured panes of glass. It was just as she has hoped for, just as she had imagined. Carefully, turned a full circle to take in the rainbow world she had designed and created. She knew it was going to become a special place for the people of this enormous city…….

As the sky grew darker, the house grew brighter. The spell was working. Sarah was glowing with excitement. Once the lightning struck everyone would finally know that she is as smart as Jenna the genius ,at school, or even smarter. Thunder roared with passion and  3….2….1…It worked! The clouds cleared away and sunshine filled the sky. Everyone was cheering and questioning how did Sarah manage to make this incredible invention. At last Sarah proved them wrong.   


By Naajidah