My Minecraft Day!

Fighting like a dragon in the night

Makes me feel to delight

And shine bright in the light


The sword is in action

This makes a wonderful reaction

When it slices of their heads

I can finally go back to bed


The sky cried

And the lightning struck

When the zombies killed

I felt like I’ve been hit by a truck

Wondering and Wondering all day long,

Has made my dog into a log


The mobs are a death- trap,

They are very hard to find on the map

The chest groaned when i put my stuff in it,

When i take my stuff out of it, I’m ready to be hit!


My poem!

Minecraft is a game

Its not that lame

Nether is a place

Enchanted by a face

Cringey like a creeper

Remember its not a good sleeper

And its a sky scraper

Found some lava

Then spawned a llama